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Rainbow Exhibition & Event Management Services Ltd.

Rainbow Exhibition & Event Management Services Ltd.: REEMS is a team of young and energetic professionals from the sector of Event & Exhibition Management. We are passionate about them and take each one personally. Our passion and dedication, combined with the experience of our in-house event specialists enables us to exceed client expectations. We make it our priority to understand our client’s objectives, working alongside clients from concept to completion to create a unique and memorable event. We rarely see a client just once. Most of our clients come to us again and again, enabling us to develop a solid understanding of their business objectives. Virtually all new customers arrive by personal recommendation.

Owning our own equipment means we have total control of your event from concept through to completion. We own a 10000 sq. ft warehouse packed full of exceptionally high-quality equipment giving us the ability to price competitively as well as guaranteeing the best possible execution. Whether you need to strengthen client relationships, integrate new members of staff, kick-start learning & development, engage in team building, REEMS Ltd. can provide the right support. We do not restrict the location of our events, we are client led. We pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service to each and every one of our clients, large and small.


GPE Expo Pvt. Ltd.

Since 1997, GPE has come to specialize in providing event planning and consultation services for corporations, associations and individual organizations of pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Their strength is in the logistical details of organizing and executing large functions involving multiple players, while integrating diverse elements.

Through their experience in the industry, They have established extensive vendor relationships, which enable us to produce a top rated event in all areas including decor, food and beverage, entertainment, and timely execution.


Auto Major & Husking Mill Owner Association and Reemsbd Ltd. is established to cherish the fastest growing Bangladeshi Rice industry. With all the privilege is here to announce the 4th edition of RICE & GRAIN TECH EXPO, with a vision to becoming the most preferred exhibition on rice industry to be held from November 23 to November 25, 2017.This exhibition is supported and governing by various prestigious Bangladeshi organizations adding the strength and value to the event.
RICE & GRAIN TECH EXPO 2017 devotes to be a great help for the healthy and sustainable development of the whole chains of rice industry, promoting rice brands, improving mechanization level, expanding sales channels, deepening research and exchange of technology, driving world rice industry to a sustainable development stage. During the exhibition, companies will showcase the new technology and products of rice cultivation, harvesting, processing and selling.

About the Industry
Almost all of the 13 million farm families of the country grow rice. Rice is grown on about 10.5 million hectares which has remained almost stable over the past three decades. About 75% of the total cropped area and over 80% of the total irrigated area is planted to rice. Thus, rice plays a vital role in the livelihood of the people of Bangladesh. Total rice production in Bangladesh was about 10.59 million tons in the year 1971 when the country’s population was only about 70.88 millions. However, the country is now producing about 25.0 million tons to feed her 135 million people. This indicates that the growth of rice production was much faster than the growth of population. This increased rice production has been possible largely due to the adoption of modern rice varieties on around 66% of the rice land which contributes to about 73% of the country’s total rice production.
Fighting inflation remains a core priority of the government in the coming months and more imports of key grains such as wheat, rice and sugar. Sugar imports are expected to be particularly high in 2014. Overall, we see promising production prospects for the agriculture sector and we note corn production as an outperformed. Over the longer term, we highlight the dire need for improved agriculture infrastructure to help the sector cope with climate change-related crop destruction. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh loses about 80,000 hectares of arable land due to the impact of climate change such as droughts, salinity and floods.
Bangladesh is fulfilling all its internal necessities regarding this sector. It’s been self-sufficient sector for last couple of years. Advanced technology and peoples dedication towards this sector has leaded us toward the success of being self-sufficient. For the first time since independence, Bangladesh became a rice exporting nation in 2014. Bangladesh has already exported 50,000 tons of rice to Sri Lanka. After Sri Lanka, Bangladesh is now going to export rice to India following bumper production and adequate stocks at home. India has proposed to import 30,000-40,000 tons of rice from Bangladesh for its north-eastern states like Tripura. India will send a delegation soon to Bangladesh to finalize the matter.


Reemsbd offers perfect solutions for your brand-new modern